From present to past —

Currently, I consult and train from time to time in technical support and customer service delivery and management. Along the way I produced and co-authored The Art of Software Support. From the mid ’80’s to the mid ’00’s I held support management positions at Silicon Valley companies including Ingres, Netscape, Sybase, Alibris, and CaseCentral.

Before embarking on my tech support and service career, I owned and operated a retail business for seven years (an early Birkenstock store) and practiced law for five.

In the 1970′s I helped found the environmental movement in Davis, California, where I participated in local political life for a decade and served on the City Council. During this time we added energy conservation standards to the building code and implemented a planning policy committed to the preservation of local agricultural land.

One more piece of the puzzle, at various times I managed rock bands for friends.

After graduating from Compton High School (yes, in the famous Compton, CA), I acquired a B.A. in Sociology from UC Riverside, a M.A. in Sociology from UC Davis, and a J.D. from King Hall School of Law at UC Davis.

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