Farewell to the Zeit Guy Chronicles

This is my last post in the Zeit Guy Chronicles blog. I’ve been focusing on the work at “born of silence” and will continue that. The current content of this site will be archived at richardfarrell.wordpress.com. This domain, richardfarrell.com, will be the new site for the born of silence  content. To confound things even more, that site will be renamed to “Drifting Awake.”

So starting later this evening, the gods of technology willing, these three URLS will take you to the same site —


I post much different material there, and I don’t want to send you unasked for email. So if you want to be notified of the new work, I invite you to register anew. You can do that starting tomorrow morning.

The content here at the ZGuy Chronicles will be archived at https://richardfarrell.wordpress.com.

Thanks for reading and may we all be well in these ever more interesting times.



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