It’s All Over but the Counting

After the Texas debate with Hilary testing a gracious exit from her hopes of the presidency, not to mention the delegate totals and the virtual impossibility of her catching Obama, it’s all over but the counting. I predict that Obama will win the Democratic nomination and then the general election.

What’s happening here? The pundits for the most part don’t get it. Obama’s constituency, I believe, does though most could not articulate it in terms other than “hope,” “inspiration,” “change,” with some elaboration.

What we have is a rare moment in American history. Obama’s “mere words” are regenerating an American cultural solidarity not seen since Martin Luther King, Jr.* Forty years after King’s death, his legacy appears in secular form in Obama. This solidarity is, of course, not all encompassing, but it does indicate a major rejection of the predominant social Darwinism of the past 20 plus years.

My first inkling of this arose when Obama starting reprising, “I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper.” A line, a concern, a commitment that could not have been uttered even two years ago. But after almost thirty years of the politics and economics of individual and corporate greed (by both major political parties), we hear again the historical call that the most fundamental, most human ground for society is not economic “rationality,” but, ala King, Christian charity (or Buddhist compassion, or…).

Another sign of the return of the commons.

*For an illuminating and thoroughgoing account of cultural solidarity (and more), see Disclosing New Worlds by Charles Spinosa, Fernando Flores and Hubert Dreyfus.

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