Watching the Political Discourse Change

More than 20 years ago Ronald Reagan shifted the dominant political discourse in America. Today it looks like it may be Obama’s time. His campaign for president continues on a visionary path. Odd it is to see a communitarian vision poised against the backdrop of the every capitalist for himself theater of the past 20 plus years.

The latest signpost on the what may turn out to be the history road is Obama’s oration At Martin Luther King, Jr.’s old church yesterday marking the anniversary of King’s assassination. The video is below.

As for my political predictions: Wrong on New Hampshire, silent on Nevada, foreseeing an Obama victory in South Carolina. Also predicting that Bill Clinton won’t be able to keep himself (not that I know that he wants to) from another smear (lie) a day or so before the South Carolina vote. It’s the only politics he’s known.

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One Comment to “Watching the Political Discourse Change”

  1. The results in Nevada revealed a worrying trend: Latinos are not voting for Obama. Some commentators have said it’s the old “one minority group against another” phenomenon. Others have said it’s the “Bill Clinton cared about us when no one else did” phenomenon. Either way, Obama may be in trouble if he can’t win that block of voters.

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