Mitt Romney’s Favorite Novel

You just can’t make this stuff up. Of all the writers a presidential candidate could name as the author of his favorite novel, L. Ron Hubbard is the last who would come to my mind. In this context he wouldn’t come to my mind at all. Before L. Ron founded Scientology he was a science fiction author who works included Mitt’s favorite novel, Battlefield Earth. Oh, to be Steven Colbert for just one day.

More about this and the interesting figure that is Mitt Romney in Slate.

2 Comments to “Mitt Romney’s Favorite Novel”

  1. No!!

    You’re just repeating ANOTHER gaff by Romney!

    Battlefield Earth was Hubbard’s LAST novel Written in the 1980’s .. about 30 YEARS AFTER Scientology was founded.

  2. Thanks for the correction about Hubbard’s literary history.

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