It’s not good to pinch the Lieutenant Governor

Few things capture the public fancy more than politics mixed with sex. And the higher the office, the more captivating it is. Ah, the Bill and Monica saga.

Now comes Democratic presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson whom the lieutenant governor of New Mexico, Diane Denish says, “pinches my neck. He touches my hip, my thigh, sort of the side of my leg.” She goes on to say, “I try not to put myself in that situation, trying not to stand or sit next to him.”

The Governor does not deny it, and the Lieutenant Governor is attempting to “contextualize” her remarks. The game begins. Will he be labeled with a word-kiss of death, “womanizer?”

Look for more stories out of Richardson’s past to appear, first in local media and then, instantly, on the web. Come to think of it, the local media is (part of) the web.

Of such stuff are candidacies slowed down, if not derailed. Only in America.

See the story here.


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