Television, ticking bombs and torture

The argument for using torture usually comes down to the “ticking bomb” scenario. A bomb is about to go off and, as the plot goes, the only way to stop it is to torture someone who you think knows where that bomb is.

Fox’s “24” is based on the “ticking bomb” plot line. The necessity of the use of torture to save the day is an essential to the show’s narrative.

The current issue of the New Yorker magazine presents an insightful article that explores “24,” it’s popularity, and the politics of its creator. And along the way, the author covers both sides of the utility of using physical and mental pain debate by recounting a visit to the set by U.S. Army Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan, the dean of the United States Military Academy at West Point and three of the most experienced military and F.B.I. interrogators in the country.

Engrossing reading. Click here for the article.

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