Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

No, this isn’t another post on the demise of privacy. This is getting to know one our Saudi neighbors, the official Saudi executioner for Mecca. We get to know him in a video (just an interview at home, not a visit at work) and in a transcript of the video.

The video illuminates both stark differences between our cultures and a certain convergence in pop culture. The interview begins:

Reporter: This is the most renowned executioner in Saudi Arabia, Abdallah Bin Sa’id Al-Bishi, who carries out the executions. His sword delineates the border between seriousness and play. There is no negotiating with him, once the heads have ripened. When it’s harvesting time, he is the most suited for the job.

Abdallah Al-Bishi: I started to work in this field after the death of my father about a week or ten days after his death… I was surprised that the people who supervise this field summoned me, saying I had a mission. Allah be praised. Of course, I did not have swords or anything back then, but I used the swords of my father, may he rest in peace, and carried out the execution.

The video is here. (Recommended)
An abridged version from YouTube is here.
And the transcript, here.


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