Advertising confronts the Open Source movement

Life is about what changes. What changes is about what is being conserved. This is one way to understand the interconnected Open Source and Creative Commons movements. In the worlds of software and intellectual property the focus is on maximizing (conserving) creativity and public access to content and not on maximizing profit and control of content, as is the case with the current predominant cultural understanding of software and IP and the law about them.

This does not mean that the “new kids on the block” don’t need to earn a living. It is does mean that earning the biggest living possible (maximizing profits, economic value as the highest value) is being superseded by a more social orientation, a concern for a common good.

As a consequence of this, new business models get invented. Many existing businesses will undergo profound changes as they move to maintain viability in the face of these new (or re-emerging) orientations. Otherwise they journey to the storied ash heap of history.

The advertising world is confronting just this. Bob Garfield explores this in ”Inside the New World of Listenomics: How the Open Source Revolution Impacts Your Brands” in Advertising Age”.


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