Holding politicians accountable, not this election, but soon – take 2

The technological future continues to arrive faster and faster. Here in an article from the Washington Post, “YouTube? It’s So Yesterday”, we get a glimpse of the future of political campaigning by two “veteran” actors and observers the the nexus of politics and the Internet. The article’s lead:

Sen. John McCain made a brief appearance as himself in the 2005 Hollywood comedy “Wedding Crashers,” a movie that online gossip Matt Drudge dubbed a “boob raunch fest.” The Los Angeles Times opined that it was “perhaps not the most predictable showcase” for the Arizona Republican, and critics forecast a public-relations disaster. But McCain was just ahead of his time….

But there’s more — much more — to come. As politicians scrounge for elusive voters in every corner of the land, they’re likely to start using technology ever more inventively to help them in the search. And some of it, frankly, may not be pretty.

For the whole article, click here.

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