“Green tea are good! Enjoy!”

The first time I heard these words Dr. Yun Chun Chiang had just finished demonstrating the art of brewing tea during a break in the Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong class that I was taking from his wife, Professor Hui Lui. Dr. Chiang had learned English in his 40’s, and his idiosyncratic grammar served as a kind of poetic emphasis to what he was saying. Drinking the tea and these words started me down the path of tea and, as it turned out, an appreciation of Chinese art and poetry as well.

With the popularization of all things herbal, the use of green tea itself or as an ingredient in drinks, supplements, cosmetics, etc is increasingly widespread. Finding good tea, though, is not easy.

So I offer this recommendation. To learn, perhaps learn more, about tea from a traditional perspective and for a source of high quality tea, explore Teance, founded by one of Sifu Chiang’s long time Tai Chi students.

“Green tea are good! Enjoy!”


One Comment to ““Green tea are good! Enjoy!””

  1. Hi Richard,
    I don’t know what a UIR is, otherwise I might have put it in the box. Anyhoo, I have been enjoying your blog. Great article in the New Yorker. I’ll be ordering some of that tea. Gonna check out the walking book, too, but I don’t need much encouragement there. When I turned 45 I turned in my running shoes for walkers, and havn’t stopped since. I thought about why I drink tea after investigation the site you suggested. Three or four reasons. I used to drink a lot of coffee, in part because it was something to do, like smoking, which I quit. Another is all of the recent health promos. Another is that I just like it…Well, I want to check out more of your stuff here…
    So, cheers,

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