Boomers return to the search for peace (and love)

The last big wave for the boomers is the search for personal peace in the last part of life. A few have been looking since the 60’s and 70’s, fewer still have found it. But most who were thus engaged (and with the related search for love) put it off as earning a living, raising a family or two, etc., arose as their central concerns.

The question of peace and “finding” it will be a recurring theme in this postings. In this one, I want to begin the conversation with a kind of everyday distinguishing of peace. Here goes: Peace, as I have come to understand it, is a being at ease with oneself and others in the midst of the ups and downs which inevitably come along with living.

Peace is not a function of the circumstances of living. This is the same whether the circumstances are “internal” as experiences, thoughts, emotions or “external” as family, job, career, house, car, etc. [One caveat, without basic economic well-being, the issue of this kind of peace likely doesn’t arise due to an all consuming focus on staying alive.]

So, given this, the question is how is peace possible? Where can you find peace in your everyday life – in a world that will ultimately take everything from you, including your life?


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