“Money” Replaces “Love” As Hot Topic At Psychic Expo

Thus read the headline of an article in a quarterly catalog of local workshops that I browsed through at a local taqueria. As I finished, I reflected:

As Boomers age, the foremost concern of the generation changes. Not that love no longer matters. O, if only we had realized it, maybe we still can, but old age beckons and not enough money for comfort, health, perhaps even survival generates worry about the future and the seeking of solace and certainty in the world of the esoteric/occult.

Years ago, in the heyday of the Maharishi (Mahesh Yogi), I was introduced to an Indian astrologer who, word had it, was Maharishi’s personal astrologer, M.K. Gandhi. That and the fact that George Harrison and Peter Sellers were also clients, persuaded me to part with much money for readings, gems (to counteract the influences of malefic planets and aspects) and mantric practices (to help the gems along).

The good and now the late Mr. Gandhi made three predictions about matters that I cared deeply about. Winning an election, winning the re-election, and my future with the woman I loved. Mr. Gandhi was one of three people who thought I would win the election to a seat on my local city council. I was one of the other two. And Lo, Behold, it came to pass.

Up for re-election, I consulted the stars again. You will win, he said in the dimly lit, incensed filled hotel room in which he gave his readings. I lost. Not always a quick study of life’s lessons, I consulted him again about the outcome of my pursuit of Nancy, woman of my dreams. She had at that time started seeing another guy (the other man) and the battle (I was much less wise then) for her permanent affections ensued. Do not fear, Gandhiji advised, she will marry you. No, she married the other guy.

Much sadder, a little wiser, I put aside astrology and the pursuit of knowing the future. Not the desire to know it, for I am human. And our species is the one that lives in time and thus has a future and concerns moving into that future. But our living happens only in the present, and the future is a conversation that always happens now — in that present in which we are always and only living. Better to be at peace and in action in the present than tranquilized about the fundamentally unknowable outcomes of life.


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