God bless Jack Abramoff

Yes, God Bless Jack Abramoff. First, because he needs it having been or about to be abandoned by most everyone he considered friends. “Sorry Jack, you’re just too radioactive right now. In fact, now that I think about it, we were never close. I never imagined you were a crook.”

Second, because the fundamental bias toward corruption of our political institutions that his fall reveals in all its dim glory, opens, however narrowly, the possibility of the “reforms” (massive structural changes) that are necessary to help us move our political situation up from the “best government that money can buy.”

To really begin to seriously clean up the system, we have to get the money out. And since the Supreme Court in (the wrongly decided) Buckley v Vallejo (1976) equated money with speech, we can’t get the corrupting money out completely, but we can level the playing field.

This is the intent of the current “Clean Money” movement which has resulted in statutes in three states, Arizona, Maine, and Massachusetts. To explore this further visit www.publicampaign.org or in the context of the state I live in, California, visit the California Clean Money Campaign at www.caclean.org.

In the historian Lord Acton’s famous and still relevant epic warning, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I do believe that warning applies to money as well.

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