The Beatles were right, almost

The Beatles were right, almost.

In the cultural quake of the 60’s, the leading speakers were musicians. And at the top of the list, no surprise, The Beatles. Forming the rest of the triumvirate of the pantheon were Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. But at the pinnacle stood those four lively mop topped lads from Liverpool.

At the height of the quaking came Lennon’s anthem, “All You Need is Love.” My friends and I, as well as countless others, found something we would have called truth in the words and emotion of the song. With the exuberance of youth who had never known economic scarcity and insecurity, we thought we had we had realized with our age cohort, our generation, something others had missed. If you had asked us what love was, we would have been less that rigorous or poetic in distinguishing what the magical word meant. It could mean many things; there were many kinds of love. But at bottom The Beatles were speaking what we all “knew” to be a profound truth, “All you Need is Love.”

Well, almost. We learned that we needed more that love alone to live. Many of us became disillusioned, even cynical about love and living together in families and communities in peace, love and understanding. For others, this truth became a question and the seeking began. More later.

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